Hello everybody.
I hope you are enjoying your Christmas holidays.
To help that aim (propósito), I am going to show you a very simple recipe. You can also ask your mother the ingredients and instructions of the Christmas sweet you like the best and put it here. I will try it!
Now look at the mine and first, fill in the gaps (huecos)
Juana Antonia.

You will need (need=necesitar)(necesitarás):
-Five hundred grams (_g) sponge cake.
-_ grams(25g) drinking chocolate (powder).
-Fifty grams (g) ground (grind=moler) almonds.
-Orange juice.
-Vermicelli or chocolate powder.
-Mixing bowl.
-Greaseproof paper.

1.- Put _ the sponge cake into the mixing bowl and crumble_ it. You can use the fork or your fingers.
2.-Add_ the drinking chocolate and ground almonds. Mix_ together.
3.-Add the orange juice little by little, mixing until you have the right consistency (firm but malleable-similar to plasticine). Ideally (but not essentially), cool_ the mixture at this stage.
4.-Roll___ small portions of the mixture into bite-sized balls.
5.-Roll the truffle in the vermicelli (fideos de chocolate) or chocolate powder.

F.....hacer rodar

Englad has only (solamente) known ( know, knew, known, conocer, saber ) seven White Christmases in the entire twen tieth Century (s.XX).

Snow fell (fall, fell, fallen, caer) on Christmas Day only in 1938 and 1976.

The last time there was a White Christmas in the UK was in 2004, although (sin embargo) large parts of the southeast England missed (miss, missed, missed, perder, echar de menos- I miss you)

significant falls.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are more likely (probable) to have a White Christmas than England.

external image blanca-navidad-300x225.jpg

The popular Christmas son "Jingle Bells"was composed in 1857 by James Pierpont,
and was originally called "One-horse open
sleigh". It was written for Thanksgiving, not Xmas.

Hello. It is not Christmas yet, but look at this video.

At Christmas, we often say Merry Christmas. Do you know why? Merry was a spiritual word meaning ‘blessed'.

Christmas tree
Árbol de Navidad
Calcetín navideño
Cintas de regalo
Christmas Shopping
Compra de Navidad
Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Fairy lights
Luces de Navidad
Christmas day
Día del nacimiento
Christmas eve
Father Christmas
Papá Noel
Wrapping paper
Papel de regalo
Roast turkey
Pavo horneado
Platos (entrante, principal, postre)
Christmas pudding
Pudding de Navidad
To receive
To give
Christmas gift
Regalo de Navidad
Christmas present
Regalo de Navidad
Bacon rolls
Rollos de tocino
Granberry sauce
Salsa de arándanos
Christingle service
La misa de Nochebuena
Mince pies
Pastel pequeño, individual, relleno con picadillo de frutos secos, fruta, grasa y especias. Usado en pastelería.
Mulled wine
Vino caliente con azúcar y especias.
Leaving it until the last minute
Dejándolo para el último momento.
Festive spirit
Espíritu navideño
Brandy sauce
Salsa espesa mezclada con brandy
Christmas crackers
Sorpresa que se habre durante la comida de Navidad
What a laugh
Qué chistoso/divertido/gracioso
Must duch
Tengo que correr.

Escucha primero e intenta localizar el vocabulario anterior.

No leas el texto hasta que no hayas escuchado varias veces podcast anterior

Tom: Hi Stuart, What are your plans for this Christmas?

Stuart: Well Tom, my family is very traditional. Each year we go to the Christingle service on Christmas Eve. Then we eat mince pies and drink mulled wine at my friend´s house.

Tom: Christingle service. What´s that?

Stuart: It´s a short church service where we sing carols and are given a Christingle, which is an orange with a candle in it to represent Jesus´ birth.

Tom: Sounds interesting. On Christmas Eve I´m usually wrapping my presents with wrapping paper. I use ribbons to decorate them too!
Stuart: leaving it until the last minute hey!

Tom: always! It helps me get into the festive spirit.

Stuart: Do you put them under the Christmas Tree?

Tom: Of course. About three weeks before Christmas we decorate the tree with baubles, tinsel and an angel sitting on top, not fogetting the fairy lights we wrap round it. Then on Christmas Day we give and receive our presents in the morning.
Stuart: So do we, while the turkey is cooking.

Tom: Mmm. I love roast turkey! We have ours with bacon rolls, stuffing, vegetables, and of course graberry sauce. We usually drink a fair amount of wine too!

Stuart: I never liked granberry sauce. My mum loves it though. I prefer Christmas pudding with brandy sauce for dessert.

Tom: Do you pull Christmas crackers too?

Stuart: Yes, my mum buys the ones that have a game, a hat and a joke in them, so we all tell the jokes, wear our hats and have some fun in between the courses.

Tom: It sounds like Christmas is all about food for you!

Stuart: Food, family and presents! Though I prefer giving to receiving presents. It´s great to see everyone´s surprise and excitemant when they open their gifts.

Tom: Yes, especially the children´s faces. My young cousins still believe in Fathe Christmas and that he visits in the night and comes down the chimney into the house to leave the presents under the tree.

Stuart: What a laugh! We used to have a big stocking at the end of the bed which was miraculously filled with chocolates, fruit and small gifts during the night.

Tom: Me too, though not for a few years now!
Stuart: Well Tom, must dush; I have some last minute Christmas shopping to do. See ya!

Tom: Cheers Stu, and merry Christmas!


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