Sing go eat call dance see tell
Travel sleep run stamp slap walk
Visit fall jump punish lough drink
Play shout clean dirty dress get up
Go to bed stand leave

El Prado museum
Retiro park
Bullring Las Ventas
RTVe Studio
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
The Deebod temple
The Royal Palace.
The Convención Hotel.
The Central Hospital.
The high street
The main street
A café Alcalá, a cafeteria.
Cinemas and theatres
Shopps and squares

what I liked most was Micropolix .

We could not

ride in cars, well, here you have a

picture of them.


At two o´clock
At half past six
At a quarter to nine.
At a quarter past ten

The luggage was very heavy.
The S. B. stadium was very big.
The P. museum was extremly boring
Las V. bullring was bigger than la Caverina bullring.
The Royal Palace was ancient and interesting.
We walked a lot at the R. Park.
The P. was the highest building in M.
I was surprisedbecause the underground was very fast

In madrid we had a great time running through the halls etc...

Congratulations, Manuel and Mario, if you have learnt everything here.
I clap my hands !
Juana Antonia.