Hello. Can you swim?
Look at this presentation.

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My name is Angel.

I like playing football and I don´t play tennis.

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Do you like it?

Hello my name is Maria Dolores.

Yes, I´ve seen it very well and I have learnt the new sport names. Past participle.
I have learnt ( Yo he aprendido)

I love sports. Look these pictures.

Hi, María Dolores. How old are you? Where are you from?

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Can you play tennis?
What can you do?

My name is Irene

Look the sporst in the following photos:

volleyball tennis football

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I like volleyball too.
Do you like volleyball?

My name is Paola.

I like playing tennis because I like sports , I like playing basketball too. Do you like basktball?

My name is Alex. I like playing basketball because I like sports but I don´t like playing football.This is Michael Jordan.
Is he alive? Yes, of course.

Health and fitness


This is a link of a site with a lot of conversation on health (salud) and more.
Selecciona health and fitness. En el podcast se habla sobre estadísticas de salud, paises con mejor o peor salud en el mundo y la esperanza de vida (as a consecuence) en Inglaterra y España, las causas de la mala salud en algunos pises y estadísticas escalofriantes de obesidad en el Reino Unido.
Note down the words you understand (In the chart below)


Hello my name is María Sánchez.

Volleyball is a team sport participation and space is simultaneously divided (each team plays only in its own field.)

Objective: To win three sets before the rival.

Basic Score: make the ball touch the floor or that the opposing team fails to return it to your area.

Pitch: the volleyball court is 18 x 9 feet, separated into two equal areas (9 × 9 m) by a network fastened to two posts (one on each side). Each half field is divided into two zones (attack and defense) by a line of 3 metres from the halfway line.
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I like playing football , basketball , tennis and hockey:

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSOA0ZduMLi2d-MoPOmZMaKuFj1y7OGDv4iWtxFFRg418NP7Gl4mea_VpddEA Hockey

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSd0qYH6f-Z8Wa6cX4EQLHywskqV8KZtbacuqwUlUgm1yv9s6DMgzkuR91Z Football

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My favorite sports is :

Swimming is a beautiful sport because it is good for your back


The rhythmic gymnastics:is a good sport because it improves balance

aww.htm The sport is very important for the body images.jpgdescargadescarga_(1)By victor manuel

The following link is to play daily routines, verbs actions, etc. Copy them in your notebook and take it to the classroom.